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GitHub Action

Trigger Buildkite Pipeline

v1.2.0 Latest version
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Trigger Buildkite Pipeline

A GitHub Action for triggering a build on a Buildkite pipeline


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Trigger Buildkite Pipeline
  uses: buildkite/trigger-pipeline-action@v1.2.0
Learn more about this action in buildkite/trigger-pipeline-action
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Trigger Buildkite Pipeline GitHub Action

A GitHub Action for triggering a build on a Buildkite pipeline.

Screenshot of the Trigger Buildkite GitHub Action Node


  • Creates builds in Buildkite pipelines, setting commit, branch, message.
  • Saves the build JSON response to ${HOME}/${GITHUB_ACTION}.json for downstream actions.


Create a Buildkite API Access Token with write_builds scope, and save it to your GitHub repository’s Settings → Secrets. Then you can configure your Actions workflow with the details of the pipeline to be triggered, and the settings for the build.

For example, the following workflow creates a new Buildkite build on every commit:

workflow "Trigger a Buildkite Build" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["Build"]

action "Build" {
  uses = "buildkite/trigger-pipeline-action@v1.2.0"
  env = {
    PIPELINE = "my-org/my-deploy-pipeline"
    BRANCH = "master"
    MESSAGE = ":github: Triggered from a GitHub Action"

Configuration Options

The following environment variable options can be configured:

Env var Description Default
PIPELINE The pipline to create a build on, in the format <org-slug>/<pipeline-slug>
COMMIT The commit SHA of the build. Optional. $GITHUB_SHA
BRANCH The branch of the build. Optional. $GITHUB_REF
MESSAGE The message for the build. Optional.
BUILD_ENV_VARS Additional environment variables to set on the build, in JSON format. e.g. {"FOO": "bar"}. Optional.


To run the test workflow, you use act which will run it just as it does on GitHub:



  • Fork this repository
  • Create a new branch for your work
  • Push up any changes to your branch, and open a pull request. Don't feel it needs to be perfect — incomplete work is totally fine. We'd love to help get it ready for merging.


  • Create a new GitHub release. The version numbers in the readme will be automatically updated.


  • Add a WAIT option for waiting for the Buildkite build to finish.
  • Support other properties available in the Buildkite Builds REST API, such as environment variables and meta-data.

Contributions welcome! ❤️