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Glo Add Label To Cards

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Glo Add Label To Cards

GitHub action to add a label to Glo Boards cards


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Glo Add Label To Cards
  uses: Axosoft/glo-action-label-card@v1
Learn more about this action in Axosoft/glo-action-label-card
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GitHub action to add a label to Glo Boards cards

Use this action to add a label to cards on a Glo Board. The action requires an array of objects with board and card IDs, and the label name as inputs.


The action requires an auth token in the form of a PAT that you can create in your GitKraken account. See the Personal Access Tokens page on our support site.

This token should be stored in your GitHub repo secrets (in repo Settings -> Secrets).


The cards input is an array of objects that contain the board ID and card ID pairs:

interface ICard {
  boardId: string;
  cardId: string;

The labelName input is the name of a label that already exists in the Glo Board.


Add a step in your workflow file to perform this action and use the output of the glo-action-parse-links action:

    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-parse-links@v1
      id: glo-parse

    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-label-card@v1
        authToken: ${{ secrets.GLO-PAT }}
        cards: '${{ }}'
        label: 'Released'
      id: glo-label