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@hc-github-team-tf-core hc-github-team-tf-core released this 28 Sep 14:00
· 253 commits to main since this release

1.3.1 (September 28, 2022)


  • On darwin/amd64 and darwin/arm64 architectures, terraform binaries are now built with CGO enabled. This should not have any user-facing impact, except in cases where the pure Go DNS resolver causes problems on recent versions of macOS: using CGO may mitigate these issues. Please see the upstream bug golang/go#52839 for more details.


  • Fixed a crash when using objects with optional attributes and default values in collections, most visible with nested modules. (#31847)
  • Prevent cycles in some situations where a provider depends on resources in the configuration which are participating in planned changes. (#31857)
  • Fixed an error when attempting to destroy a configuration where resources do not exist in the state. (#31858)
  • Data sources which cannot be read during will no longer prevent the state from being serialized. (#31871)
  • Fixed a crash which occured when a resource with a precondition and/or a postcondition appeared inside a module with two or more instances. (#31860)