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package main
import (
// globalPluginDirs returns directories that should be searched for
// globally-installed plugins (not specific to the current configuration).
// Earlier entries in this slice get priority over later when multiple copies
// of the same plugin version are found, but newer versions always override
// older versions where both satisfy the provider version constraints.
func globalPluginDirs() []string {
var ret []string
// Look in ~/.terraform.d/plugins/ , or its equivalent on non-UNIX
dir, err := cliconfig.ConfigDir()
if err != nil {
log.Printf("[ERROR] Error finding global config directory: %s", err)
} else {
machineDir := fmt.Sprintf("%s_%s", runtime.GOOS, runtime.GOARCH)
ret = append(ret, filepath.Join(dir, "plugins"))
ret = append(ret, filepath.Join(dir, "plugins", machineDir))
return ret