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package main
// experimentsAllowed can be set to any non-empty string using Go linker
// arguments in order to enable the use of experimental features for a
// particular Terraform build:
// go install -ldflags="-X 'main.experimentsAllowed=yes'"
// By default this variable is initialized as empty, in which case
// experimental features are not available.
// The Terraform release process should arrange for this variable to be
// set for alpha releases and development snapshots, but _not_ for
// betas, release candidates, or final releases.
// (NOTE: Some experimental features predate the rule that experiments
// are available only for alpha/dev builds, and so intentionally do not
// make use of this setting to avoid retracting a previously-documented
// open experiment.)
var experimentsAllowed string
func ExperimentsAllowed() bool {
return experimentsAllowed != ""