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Learn to code for free with millions of other people around the world


freeCodeCamp Social Banner is a friendly community where you can learn to code for free. It is run by a donor-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help millions of busy adults transition into tech.

Our full-stack web development and machine learning curriculum is completely free and self-paced. We have thousands of interactive coding challenges to help you expand your skills.

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In 2014, a teacher started an open source community called This community has grown to include millions of developers from around the world. Together, we have built:

💻 A free 3,000-hour programming curriculum

🏛️ Forums and chat rooms where you can get coding help and feedback on your projects

🧪 8,000+ coding tutorials

🎒 1,000+ free YouTube courses on Computer Science, Data Science, and Machine Learning

We are fully donor-supported. And we are extremely capital-efficient.

Last year our budget was only about $400,000. And yet we served more than 1 billion minutes of learning.

Each dollar you give to translates into 50 hours worth of learning for people around the world.

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  1.'s open-source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code for free.

    TypeScript 368k 32.4k

  2. devdocs Public

    API Documentation Browser

    Ruby 31.6k 2.1k

  3. chapter Public archive

    A self-hosted event management tool for nonprofits

    TypeScript 1.9k 374

  4. classroom Public

    JavaScript 103 62